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Repeat after me:

"My physical features do not define my self-worth."

Was it hard to admit that to yourself just now?

Come. Let me show you how to own your look.


It's Time To Take Control

I don't want you to waste your money on injections. I don't want you to waste your money on all of these psuedo-medications for Alopecia. Reality check--there is no cure for Alopecia as of yet. But somehow medical professionals have found a way to professionally scam so many of us with Alopecia. It's alright if you've already spent money on treatments. I did, too. I'm here to make sure that you don't have to waste another cent ever again on treatments that don't work, and instead give you the one thing that works every time-- Confidence.

I currently mentor over 260 people with Alopecia, am a National Keynote Speaker for National Alopecia Organizations, have been recognized by various celebrities and brands that are big in the Alopecia community, am featured on several national and international websites, and have a TikTok following of over 3,000,000 that began from me making light of my Alopecia through comedic videos. 

I help mentor people with Alopecia because it's my passion. I lived the fight. It was my reality for so many years, even to the point where it broke me so much that I got a wig. The day I freed myself of the hat, the wigs, the fake ways to "fit in" was the day I took control of my life, and most importantly, my confidence, forevermore. That's what I want for you. For you, for your kid with Alopecia, for whomever may need it. 

Confidence is priceless. And that's what I offer to you. Sign up for one of my Alopecia mentoring sessions, and as you can see from my many testimonials, just one session will change your life forever.

You don't have to be alone in this.

Let's get you your confidence back. Let's get you your life back. 

Sat on the Rocks

"You walk confidently as you are, impenetrable to society's standards. You are beautiful because you are you. And nobody can take that away from you."

Nicolas Srut on Humans of Bhubaneswar

Crowd Silhouette

Rachel Amsel (USA)

There are not enough words to thank you for the courage and support you gave to my son. The day he met you was the first day since this nightmare began that I saw a glimmer of hope in my son again. He started to believe. So many things you said resonated deeply with him. You spoke to him with so much understanding, having gone through this yourself, that he immediately felt he can share how he is truly feeling and struggling. You knew exactly what to say to make him feel 100% understood and regain some of his confidence. Seeing that you pushed through and persevered in-spite of this struggle made him believe that he can and will too. Thank you for your support you have changed our lives forever.



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Life-Changing Stories from Our Community:

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A Home For Everyone

The Naked Confidence Campaign is not just a home for people with Alopecia. This is home for we as humans, for anyone who feels their insecurities have gotten the best of them, who have dealt with the hardships of bullying and felt the emotionally degrading heat of the public eye. This is YOUR place to have love, acceptance, hear and share stories, and grow even more comfortable in your own shoes so that you may walk with Naked Confidence. 


Check Out My TikTok!

The place it all began. See the hilarious videos of me embracing my Alopecia that have inspired millions of people, and that have allowed me to help and personally counsel other people with Alopecia ditch their wigs, their fake eyebrows, rid themselves of their caps and beanies, and take control of their lives forevermore. 

Faces of Naked Confidence: