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Faces of Naked Confidence: Jenny Sanders

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

My daughter has always amazed me but never as much as when we were coming home from buying her first wig.

She piped up, "Mum, I know what I want to do…….I want to do a dance and take off

my wig part way through!"

My initial response was guarded – my own response would have been to

hide the condition. Not hers. She never accepted Alopecia – never embraced baldness – but neither would she ever ‘suffer’ with it. She did the dance because she wanted to stop thinking about what was happening to her and concentrate on doing something positive. Performing allowed her to stop fixating on what the future would hold for her.

She has always been honest about her condition – always upfront – hating it but admitting it openly. The publicity that followed was entirely overwhelming and positive. As a mum , watching her it was heart breaking and life-affirming all at once. I would not wish Alopecia on anyone but, without a doubt, the person my daughter is today has been shaped by her hardships and determination.

She is stronger, hardier, more resilient and kinder because of it.

There is nothing she can’t do.

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